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I don't understand spammers. - Grumpycoder
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I don't understand spammers.

Seriously, I really don't. Check this. This comment feature on this blog is protected by Akismet (and yes, I am doing them free advertisement here, they really deserve it.) The blog itself deletes automatically spam comments after 7 days. Yet, here's the summary on the blog's dashboard:

Spam comments

Can you believe it ? That's just retarded...

The worst part to me is that these are really worthless spams, yet they are trying really hard to be smart. I mean, here's an example I've got. The dude's "name" is "Diablo 3". His e-mail address is irrelevant. His comment is the following:

"Excellent article! We will be linking to this great content on our site. Keep up the good writing."

Yet the interesting part is his url, that becomes a clickable link on the word "Diablo 3" thanks to dotclear's comment system. That link (that I won't give here, obviously) points to some obscure forum's user profile, user created a few days ago. And his "homepage" on that user profile is the actual spam website destination. Now the really pathetic part is that the spamming website is offering to download, after you complete a few surveys (that are asking for your e-mail address, of course), the "Diablo 3 beta, including a beta key", with a few lines in the ilk of "Blizzard yet unreleased next blockbuster!".

I mean, seriously. How in the world somebody would be persistent yet dumb enough to go jump all the hoops in order to get a completely outdated, useless and not working product ?

I really don't understand spammers...

Now, how many spam comments this blog entry will get ? Who wants to make bets ?

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