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IPv4 is dead, all hail IPv6 - Grumpycoder
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IPv4 is dead, all hail IPv6

A few years ago, I remember posting very angry comments about Rani Assaf's "IPv6 is just a gadget" post. Not so long after, his company introduced IPv6 natively for their customers. A few days ago, the last /8 IPv4 blocs got allocated, marking the end of the IPv4 allocation. I guess it wasn't that much a gadget, huh ? Even though the IPv4 sub-allocation is pretty poor (only roughly 14% of the addressable space is actually in use, if I'm not mistaken), the increasing complexity of the addressing space really makes life difficult.

Without even talking about the fact that IPv4 has a lot of flaws that IPv6 natively corrects. I've heard various comments claiming that this isn't so bad, that solutions exist to still use IPv4 nontheless, etc. But I'm happy to see that things are still moving towards IPv6 in general, as even the Obama administration is in favor of IPv6.

Anyway, don't worry. This blog will continue to run even if you don't have IPv4 connectivity anymore: ipv6 ready


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