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How to create a bad hardware design. - Grumpycoder
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How to create a bad hardware design.

I'd like to quickly talk about something that's really, really awful.

I just bought a Cybershot WX1 camera from Sony. The camera itself is very nice, very small, very fast, quite powerful, loaded with features, etc. Now have a look at the camera itself. Look at the way the flash and the lens are placed.

Now look at this picture. This is a picture I took in my room, of my wall, with the zoom at 1x, in complete dark, using the flash. Notice the black portion at the bottom left. This isn't the shadow of my finger or what. This is the shadow of the lens itself.

The Sony engineers who slapped together this piece of crap didn't even see that, when taking a picture with the flash on, the lens itself would interfere with the ray of light from the flash itself. To me it just means they haven't even tested the product. I mean, seriously ? How could you ship such a product without testing something as basic ? Or maybe they didn't care ? I don't know. I'm tempted to ask for a return for a "defective product", as this is obviously defective to me.

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