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Don't trust the compiler, especially RedHat's

In my previous entry, I've been ranting about compiler bugs. I finally discovered that it's absolutely RedHat's fault. Their compiler is a bug pit of hell. I ran the latest gcc testsuite on it, and on Debian's compiler in order to compare. I've stopped after finding 15 bugs in the first batch of basic test, which is like one tenth of the whole list of tests. This is just not acceptable. RedHat's compiler is deliberately buggy, maybe for the sake of "Backward Compatibility", but that's bullshit, especially since we're always writing crossplatform code. We're expecting that a piece of code that compiles and runs fine on one platform would also compile and run fine on a similar one. Which isn't guaranteed by RedHat. I'm now officially boycotting RedHat. Don't use their compiler, and don't use their distribution, because it's compiled with this compiler as well, so you can't possibly trust it at all. Don't bother with RedHat, it's a waste of time and money.

For your interest, here's a list of all the basic gcc bugs I've found active in RedHat's compiler. Again, this is not an exhaustive list, as I got fed up seeing all of these.

19606 28778 32244 33779 34971 35456 35472 36013 36077 36093 36137 36691 38151 38819 40404


Well, it seems a retail 4.1.2 has them too. Well, not all of them. So I'd need to cross-check them. Well, whatever... RedHat's gcc still has more.


1. On Sunday, September 20 2009, 23:42 by Hex


Here is the full list of gcc related bugs for RHEL5

FYI, RH will not change stable releases of packages since that might break code that relies on whatever is changing.

And as you so well know, you can always use the vanilla gcc version.

PS: dont understand why you were comparing Debian and RHEL. Try Debian and Fedora, and let me know if this bugs are also present :)

Current buglist for gcc package in Fedora 11

2. On Monday, September 28 2009, 03:34 by Pixel

I tried under Debian as well. Most of the bugs weren't present.