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Monday, September 17 2012

I don't understand spammers.

Seriously, I really don't. Check this. This comment feature on this blog is protected by Akismet (and yes, I am doing them free advertisement here, they really deserve it.) The blog itself deletes automatically spam comments after 7 days. Yet, here's the summary on the blog's dashboard:

Spam comments

Can you believe it ? That's just retarded...

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Sunday, September 2 2012

20 years later...

A bit more than 20 years ago was when I started programming. I was a kid back then, about 12 years old. My first computer was a 286 running at 12Mhz with 640KB of memory, 40MB of harddrive, and MS-Dos 3.30. I was programming in GWBasic, mostly. My very first big program was a small game. I decided to re-write the game today. Here is the result: Daedalus. There is very minimal explanation, let's see how you guys will fare.

Follow me after the break for some discussion about it, and the state of programming in general.

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Saturday, April 14 2012

Redeeming C++ (or not)

A few days ago, I was talking with Yazoo about Lua, and I realized it'd be cool to statically hash strings in order to export hashes of function names to Lua, and not plain names. Then we discussed about the feasibility to of this, and how there was already a few articles on the web talking about this, but I realized that with C++11, it should be possible to do something easier than most solutions presented, and I wanted to do some researches anyway.

So I set up into trying to achieve the goal of hashing strings at compilation time in C++, using C++11. I have to say I'm unimpressed by the results. That's going to be a pretty long read, but I've tried to describe all the steps I've taken in order to show exactly what I mean.

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Friday, March 2 2012

Why C is a good language - or why you're wrong thinking C++ is better

I've recently had a discussion with some friends over at Google+ which finally made me understand why there's so many people out there who don't understand why C is superior to C++, even though there's so many people who say so. So let me share this epiphany with you.

The reason why some programmers think C++ is superior to C is because they're bad programmers. Alright, let me rephrase this so you don't immediately start flaming me. The reason why some programmers think C++ is superior to C is because they (most of the time) don't have the same mindset. And if they do have the same mindset as pro-C people, then they are not aware that there's people out there who don't. But allow me to develop.

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Monday, December 5 2011

Anatomy of a bad game: Jurassic Park

It's been a while since I last ranted about a video game, but just like last time, I try not to do so because I'm not a game designer. However, for extreme cases, I think I can make an exception. I was actually intrigued by the controversy about that game, as the metacritics score was allegedly tempered with by the game company's employees, who are being accused of submitting themselves 10/10 scores to boost the game's score. Which means I wanted to check by myself what it was all about... and it wasn't really pretty.

Jurassic Park from Telltale Games could have been a good game. The theme is nice, the movie was great, and there was lots of potential. However, the execution was quite miserable. But let me explain why. Caution: I'm probably going to spoil the story here and there, so do not read further if you still want to have a genuine experience on the story.

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