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Friday, February 18 2011

IPv4 is dead, all hail IPv6

A few years ago, I remember posting very angry comments about Rani Assaf's "IPv6 is just a gadget" post. Not so long after, his company introduced IPv6 natively for their customers. A few days ago, the last /8 IPv4 blocs got allocated, marking the end of the IPv4 allocation. I guess it wasn't that much a gadget, huh ? Even though the IPv4 sub-allocation is pretty poor (only roughly 14% of the addressable space is actually in use, if I'm not mistaken), the increasing complexity of the addressing space really makes life difficult.

Without even talking about the fact that IPv4 has a lot of flaws that IPv6 natively corrects. I've heard various comments claiming that this isn't so bad, that solutions exist to still use IPv4 nontheless, etc. But I'm happy to see that things are still moving towards IPv6 in general, as even the Obama administration is in favor of IPv6.

Anyway, don't worry. This blog will continue to run even if you don't have IPv4 connectivity anymore: ipv6 ready


Thursday, December 3 2009

Creating a MacOS X cross compiler

I am actually quite surprised and happy about it, but I finally managed to create a working MacOS X cross compiler under linux. This was eased a lot by this document here:, but I still had to tweak things in order to make it working properly.

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Saturday, October 10 2009

Hacking tutorial

For the people who know me, this is just a repost of a very old article I wrote. I just think this is the perfect spot for it. I'm just changing the wording a bit, but this is essentially the same thing.

As I said during the opening post, Yazoo and I are quite into Reverse Engineering, which is usually called "Hacking". While this word is always causing some controversy, we claim to be on the right side of the line.

That being said, we still receive a lot of mail and queries so we can teach people how to hack, or shorter, so we can write some so-called tutorials. We always denied such requests. This article is attempting to explain why. The main, short-hand reason is "because any hacking tutorial can only be crap", but I hope that I can point to the full reasons why this methodology doesn't work at all. Don't read this as a real attempt to teach you how to hack, but as an attempt to explain why usual tutorials just can't work.

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Friday, August 28 2009

Grumpycoder blog opening

This has been a long, long time since I had the idea of this blog. We're finally opening it.

The two people behind it, Yazoo and myself, know each other since many years now. We met by discussing programming while being students, and we still discuss programming nowadays while being employed as seasoned programmers. Also, we're both passionate about reverse engineering.

The blog's name is very obviously inspired from Ron Gilbert's blog, The idea is to rant talk about programming in general, what we discover, what surprises us, and most importantly, what disgusts us.

Stay tuned, and enjoy the stay.

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